I browsed thru the logos of different companies anf firms in india and abroad and found that

1. a logo should speak aloud of the initiatives underneath in case the firm is a not so popular firm

2. if the firm has a commendable market position then the effect of a new logo is severely deminished.

So since I believe that for now the point 1 applies better with my brands position so I should better let the logo speak for me. So with these thoughts in mind, I started the process of creating a logo for my brand and personality.

The logo has to have the following characterstics as the most dominant element of its personality

1. It should be innovative

2. It should have a tone of seriousness to indicate the seriousness  the lies underneath

3. It should be not too serious and too much seriouness is a killer in itself so it should be lively

4. Above all it should be sexily pleasing to eyes

With these thoughts in my mind I developed teh first draft of the logo as below

The first I is in the shape of lord Ganesha- the most auspicious god in hindu mythology. People in india belgin all their work only after pleasing and remembering Lord ganesh and I didnt want to be an exception.

The red apple has been added to signify the greatest discovery in the history of discoveries snd investions – The gravity. If apple wasn’t there, we would have never found gravity lol.. 🙂  So an apple deserves a place in my brand

The overall font has to be light and fun. hence the current selection of font and lastly what if I ran out of ink while developing the logo???? and that defines the fading of text in Mantra.

For the first version it seem like a perfect combination of all the elements required….

Hi all,

At 11:08 p.m. Dec 19-2010- I am extremly happy to write this first post for innovationmantra – a mantra to bring out the best of us thru innovative products and ideas. 

In this journey, I am extremely excited to announce that on 6th of Jaurary 2011, we will be releasing first product from innovationmantra. This product will be a mobile based product targeting Nokia Symbian paltform – S60 3rd Edition phones.  I am extremely excited about this product!!!!!  I will try to get it to Nokia OVI so that you can download it from your phone or by browsing Nokia OVI store (www.ovi.com).

Please keep tuned..

Thank you!