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Why do I need this?

  1. Have you ever find yourself looking at a caller’s name and wonder who he/she was?
  2. Have you ever received a call and wondered if you ever got a call from that number in the past?
  3. Have you ever got a call from a Business prospect and you couldn’t figure out a word about him/her or the context where you left your last discussion as you do not have your business notebook handy with you.
  4. Have you ever greeted the caller only to discover that you mistook his/her identity?
  5. Have you ever met someone interesting at a social gathering and thought later when you got a call from her/him you couldn’t remember the context of your earlier discussion and thus lost an opportunity to strengthen your friendship/relationship?
  6. Have you ever got a call from a prospective buyer/seller but you couldn’t recall the last price the buyer/seller or you quoted?

If you find yourself in any of these situations then this application is for you


What it offers?

Instant call analyzer gives you an instant snapshot of

  1. Caller’s info :
    1. Caller’s Address or location (stored in your phone)
    2. Caller’s organization (stored on your phone)
    3. Any important information about the caller that you have stored in contact notes for that caller (Stored in your phone)
    4. Call info :
      1. Consolidated Information about all the calls for that caller’s from the call log of your phone for- Total calls, Missed calls, Incoming and Outgoing calls
      2. The details and type of the last call for the current caller if any

How do I start it?

It’s very simple. Install the application, click on the button Activate. An info message stating “Instant Call analyzer has been Activated” will be displayed. Also, a green application icon in the top status bar will be visible to indicate its active status.

How do I Stop it?

Simple! Either browse to the application thru the application icon on your phone and click on Deactivate to Stop it or clock on the application Icon in the status bar and then when the application is displayed, click on Deactivate. In either case, a popup info message “Instant call analyzer Deactivated” should appear.


It doesn’t work on my cell phone. What should I do?

Our support and development team is always with you to help you resolve any issue that might arise due to different models of phone, various operator and OS related customizations.  Please send us an email at and we will try to address all all your questions and concerns.


The popup on the incoming call screen overlaps on the buttons. What should I do?

The popup is just a screen overlay. You can still use the buttons and controls below it even if the popup is active.


Does it need any GPRS connection from my service provider?

No, it doesn’t need to get any info from anywhere but your phone. All your phones data is secured and cannot be accessed outside of your phone as this application doesn’t send or receive any data from outside. So its cheaper, secured and more than that no annoying advertisements


I accidently cleared the top status notification for this application by using clear button. Is the app still running?

Yes, in all probability. Launch application and click on the Button Deactivate. It would show an info popup stating that application has been deactivated. Click on Activate again to restart the application and to get the missing status notification in the status window.

Where does the application get the information that it shows? Is it from the internet?

NO. This application totally relies on analyzing and presenting the information stored in your phone by you.

The call has ended by I can still see the application pop-ups for the caller info/call info?

The pop up are designed to be presented to you for around 8 seconds each so as to let you have enough time to get to the phone and see/read the information. Do not worry. The info pop-us should disappear in a few seconds

Thank you for reading

 Application available at –