Miracle Chants


Q: What is Miracle Chants application?

Several ancient civilizations believe that the first thing that was ever created by god was the sound– Aum. All the matter sprung out of life from this very sound. This sound is believed to contain all the frequencies of the universe. When these ancient sounds are spoken or recited, they create vibrations and create energy field that pulls the very energy from the universe and direct it to listener. However, the chants need to be recited in the proper octave and rhythm.  Miracle Chants application is an effort to bring this ancient priceless collection handy to you.


Q: What all do I get in Miracle Chants?

Mostly in life things are ok for most of us. But then there are times when we are let down. Doesn’t matter how much we try, things never seem to go well. Driven by our inherent human spirit to fight and will to make things right, we try and try until we have exhausted all our humanly options.. it’s then that we wait for a miracle, we wish for one, we dream of one. Miracle chants are for time like these


There are specific sounds that these ancient chants make, that have the ability to do different beneficial things to us. For example: AUM- has the ability to lift your inner self to a higher spiritual level. The great Death Defying Mantra is believed to bestow the listener with great health and protect him/her from any accidental mis-happening and so on…


Unlike your daily chores that require a part of your mental alertness, the ancient chants require your spiritual attention and alertness. The listener should be able to detach him/herself from the outside world and concentrate within self. One needs to become oblivious to the outside distractions. There are certain environments favored by earlier Yogi’s and Rishi’s (divine godly people) that help liberate your spiritual awareness.  These types of environments are carefully selected and modulated to give you similar natural experience in your routine life.


Q: Now how do I use it?

Simple! Install the application on your android based cell phone. And click on the application icon to launch it.  You should see the screen as shown in the screen shots below.  

Play Button : Once you have customized your application, you can start the application by clicking on Play button

Pause Button: Helps you Pause the playing chant/environment- whatever the case may be. The button text color changes to red when Pause is active. Clicking Pause again resumes the playback. Playback can be restarted by clicking Play.

Stop Button : Stops all the playback and counter

Info button: Info provides you with the information about the currently selected chant.

Indicator buttons: Indicator buttons indicate the status of the track next to them. If the track next to an indicator button is active/playing the indicator will lit green. This helps avoid confusion in case any track has some silent patch in it.

Counter: Timer is to help you get an idea of the time you have been listening to the chants. Clicking on the checkbox next to the counter enables the counter. It will start counting time the moment you click on Play.

Concha Sound: Checking this control gives you the option of blowing conch in the starting of chants which is considered as auspicious.


Q: For how long shall I listen to it?

As long as you want to and feel comfortable. However it is recommended that you select a calm and quiet place. Also, if possible avoid listening to these chants while doing any attention intensive task


Q: What is the best time to listen?

Anytime is a good time. However, early morning hours (before/during sunrise) and evening hours 5p.m.-7p.m. are preferred.


Q: What if I face a problem or have a suggestion.

Please feel free to write to us anytime at admin@innovationmantra.com. We are a group of highly passionate individuals trying to bring innovative magical experiences to you. We will try our best to take care of any concern or feedback.

Application available at : https://market.android.com/details?id=com.innovationmantra.magicchants

Miracle Chants - 1
Miracle Chants – 1Miracle Chants – 2