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We have been living a stressful life that starts the moment we get up. Our mind is always occupied with thoughts, worries and fighting a race to meet deadlines. In this madness, it’s my sincere effort to bring a few moments for ourselves, our minds and our bodies..A few moments to relax and let everything get stand still. A moment to enjoy our inner self and to find the joy of being with ourselves.

Natural Environment
It is a journey starting with a calm and relaxing natural environment that we find our minds to be most relaxed in.
Once you have selected your favorite environment, press start and the application will take you to that world. I have carefully mastered the sounds to give you a near-actual effect.
An indicator lits up green to indicate the background that is ON.

Following backgroudn environments are available

1. A morning in Forest

2. Oceanica

3. Stormy Night

4. Tabula Rasa

Earlier, after creating the environment effect, I thought that the application is good enough to share. But then I realized that just being in a natural environment is just half the battle won. A mind needs to be in peace from outside as well as inside. Inner calmness can only be gained thru a union of Mind and spirit. So I present to you a set of highly powerful mantras in the best of sound and acoustics.
Below is a small Description of these Mantras:-

According to spiritual sciences, God first created sound, and from these sound frequencies came the phenomenal world. Matter itself is said to have proceeded from sound, and AUM is said to be the most sacred of all sounds. It is the syllable which preceded the universe and from which all the gods were created. Listening to this mantra for 10-15 Minutes brings unimaginable peace and benefits to mind and soul.
I would suggest a small test for this mantra. Sit in a calm place and chant AUM along with the Mantra in this application. Once your voice gets aligned, be prepared to be amazed. You will feel as if your saying AUM is making the things around you Vibrate with a similar tone/frequency and that everything around you is chanting AUM. Try it…

The Great Death Conquering Mantra-
This mantra-rejuvenates, bestows health, wealth, long life, peace, prosperity and contentment. It is said to protect against accidents and misfortunes of every kind. It has a strong healing power. It can cure diseases declared incurable even by the doctors. This Mantra is believed to conquer Death. Listen to this mantra if you have any fear of getting injured in an accident or untimely …. May god be with you.

Aum Namah Shivay-
This mantra can be repeated by anyone, young or old, rich or poor and no matter what state a person is in, it will purify him. This brings your inner energy to a higher level. This brings peace and tranquility in your inner being. Sit with a calm mind, close your eyes and repeat this Mantra for 108 times for best effects.

Gayatri Mantra-
The Gayatri mantra, the mightiest of the ancient mantras, is a prayer to the Sun god to alleviate one from all human sins, physical dissipation and to bestow knowledge, health and longevity. Gayatri is the mantra to be repeatedly recited in the morning before the Sun begins to rise, at noon when the Sun is in the apex and in the evening as the Sun sets, three times a day. Gayatri Mantra is to be recited or heard for 108 times at a time to bring out good results.

1. These mantras will bring their desired effect irrespective of religion/country/geography and time.

2. Listening to these Mantras is recommended when you are relaxing, travelling in public transport. Please do not listen to them while doing any attention intensive task.

3. A recommended way to use this application is to have the sound volume high enough to camouflage any outside sound and to close your eyes as you drift into higher spiritual level and began see dances of colors with your eyes shut.

Thank you very much for reading! Let the journey to peace and tranquility begin….


Application available at –

Magic Mantras -1

Magic Mantras -1