Innovation Mantra

Innovation Mantra

Innovation is an art of invention applied. It combines the newness of an invention with the practical applicability and usage of that invention. Investion is of no use unless it has a practical applicability.

Mantra is ancient hindu sacred chants. They are focussed on spiritual well beings and in praise of the god almighty. A mantra is chanted countless number of time for a human to be healed or feel its effect.

 Similarity innovation is not a one time process. it’s an art, its a Mantra –  a way of life that needs to be repeated again and again. It’s a sincere effort to bring out the innovations that every one of us dreams of talks of and thinks of and to do something tangible instead of just thinking or dreaming about  doing things and getting the false feeling of satisfaction that if I want I can do it.

Let the fun begin…